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Un savoir faire acquis au près d'un industriel depuis 1983 et comptant plus de 4500 employés...

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“Pour nous l’éducation est une fonction sociale, c’est à dire un facteur fondamental de notre entité collective et une responsabilité que doivent remplir, à titre égal, l’Etat, l’enseignant et l’enseigné.” (29 juin 1968)
Habib Bourguiba
Premier président de la république Tunisienne


Sartex Group is specialized in sportswear and jeanswear products: bottoms, garments, chino, cargo, jackets and overalls. Sartex was created in 1983. Today, it counts more than 4500 employees. 100% export: Europe, USA and other markets. Vertically integrated from the pattern, sewing, washing, dye, laser, ozone etc… Fully committed to the Road to Zero and the Global Compact program, Sartex Group applies the latest technologies to decrease the use of water, energy and chemicals. We focus equally on the sustainability of our work-force – by supporting the well-being of our co-workers and by training the next generation at our training center.


Sartex has shown leadership through its accountability for finding the potential in people through the training center. It was founded in 2014 in partnership with the German organization GIZ and holds more than 500 students. Under the purpose of minimizing the number of teenagers out of schools and trainings, the company has invested 2 million Euros to provide qualified teachers for these beginners in order to have access to free, equitable quality education. Aside of learning technical skills, they are enrolled in linguistics programs and provided with monthly scholarship. 

After a 2 years journey, those students are certified as official employees and have the opportunity to be a member of the organization. Sartex’ mission has always been to create an accountable, sustainable and eco-efficient atmosphere. The CDC is a private, modern and innovative training center approved by the Tunisian Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment.

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